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Slab Workshop - Printing with botanics

Slab Workshop - Printing with botanics


In this workshop, you will learn a method of printing with leaves and flowers onto slabs. In the first half, we will practice the technique to create tiles or wall hangings, we will move on to make a slab-built cup with our decorated clay slabs and add handles and additional decoration. 


You're invited to bring along your favourite flowers and plants from your garden to work with and create something that is personal to you. There will also be a range of plants and flowers supplied for use. 


Teas and coffees supplied.


After the session, your pieces will be dried slowly, bisque fired, glazed and glazed fired ready for their collection 6-8 weeks later.

  • Location:

    The Crafty Guillemot Studio, Caim, Penmon, LL58 8SP

  • Number of participants:

    There are 8 places per workshop

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